A state-of-the-art golf course monitoring program that

  • allows course pros and managers to view course activity in real time
  • provides  analytical data  to improve course management

Pre-Release Special now available

PaceKeeper is scheduled to release its first shipments in March 2019.

To thank you for your faith in our product you are entitled to a $15/month leasing price.

About The PaceKeeper

What Is It?

 About the size of a sleeve of golfballs,  The PaceKeeper is:

...A visual timekeeper designed to help players improve their pace 

...A digital screen promoting upcoming club/course events

...An opportunity to display local advertising and generate extra revenue

...A lure to get players back to the pro-shop to buy, etc.

...and more

How It Works

Velcroed to the cart window the PaceKeeper screen shows a new message at each hole

Set by the pro shop, a pre-programmed promotional message shows on preselected holes

Holes with no pre-programmed message automatically tells players "YOU SHOULD BE ON HOLE __" based on when they started the round 

Its messages can be STRATEGICALLY PLACED:  Concerned about being too "in your face" about slow players?  Then have the YOU SHOULD BE ON HOLE __ message show only every fourth hole...  You decide.

It's distribution is VERSATILE...  -Give it to every third group or to players you may know as slow or whatever strategy you think is right....  It's all up to you... 

Why Have The PaceKeeper for your Patrons?

It improves the players experience. 

According to the USGA,   golfers would pay 9.1 percent more in green fees for a 15-30-minute improvement in pace of play.  It's a gentle aid to help players keep their pace 

By offering discounts it gives players incentives to play quicker

It is a simple, cost effective way to get players back to the pro shop so you can generate more revenue. 


Easy To Set Up



By default each hole is timed by its par value.  As time accumulates, the PaceKeeper digital screen provides a message "YOU SHOULD BE ON HOLE __" measured from the tee time on Hole #1.

See How Easy It Is



The pro-shop can insert alternative messages at any holes, such as "SIGN UP FOR MEMBER-GUEST TOURNAMENT ON MAY 30TH"

Discover its simplicity


At the end of the round, add a message saying "BRING THIS DEVICE BACK TO THE PRO SHOP TO GET AN EXTRA DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT ROUND"...something to get them to return to your pro-shop to see your great display of merchandise, etc........

more info here


 To generate extra revenue, PaceKeeper allows the option of inserting local advertising during the round.


Q:  How many PaceKeepers does an 18 hole course need?

A:  Given that only one PaceKeeper is needed for each foursome, we recommend 30-40.  Since a PaceKeeper can be easily removed from a cart, it can be used for more than one round per day.

Q: How do we enter course information and messages into the PaceKeeper?

A: On this website, there will be a User Log On that provides the various data fields to fill in.  A  USB cord can then directly download the information into each PaceKeeper.

Q: How is the PaceKeeper so inexpensive compared to other programs?

A: The PaceKeeper provides no GPS monitoring, distance calculator or fancy graphics.  We believe that most golfers have these tools on the phone apps, watches, personal distance guns. 

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