Every Golfer’s Guide To Remaining On Pace… And Every Administrator’s Tool To Monitor Them

We offer a simple course management and monitoring system. Our device helps:

  • Golfers reduce pace or learn proper pace

  • Golfers visually keep their pace

  • Pros monitor course plays

  • Incentivize on-pace groups after round with rewards back at pro-shop. Guide them to buy your merchandise.

  • Regional tournament officials monitor play from anywhere

About the PaceKeeper

  • A SIMPLE, NONCONFRONTATIONAL visual aid that can help golf groups know if they are on pace or behind so they can act accordingly

  • A versatile and interchangeable monitoring device that can fit on bags, walking carts, and riding carts

  • An easy-to-use tool that helps course pros, managers, rangers, starters track speed of play.

  • A unique marketing tool designed to get players back to the pro shop to buy merchandise, book another round, and more

  • A software system that provides analytic data to help improve course management

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How It Works

  • Clipped to the riding cart, walking cart, or golf bag, the PaceKeeper BagTag changes color based on the group's pace of play.

  • Green means on pace; yellow means slightly behind pace: red means the player should speed it up. Oh...and PURPLE means WEATHER WARNING and all should return to the clubhouse.

  • After a one-time remote programming of your course by the PaceKeeper staff, our GPS technology and algorithms do the rest. All the administrator (e.g. starter, ranger, pro shop) needs to do each day is to assign an ID with the tee time and player name. They can see on their online dashboard who is green, yellow, or red, and take appropriate action.

  • The PaceKeeper does not require full fleet distribution. Strategically provide it to beginner golfers, early morning pace setters, every fourth group, or even to known slowpokes. The whole group will see the yellow and red light and will know to move it along.

  • The PaceKeeper is designed to work in tee-time as well as shotgun formats. It also allows 27 Hole facilities to prompt, track and incentivize proper pace of play.

Monitor The Action By the Starter, Ranger, and Pro Shop

From any location, your screen provides a bird’s eye view of the course as well as the status and pinpoint locations of all devices. The group-defined colored pins show the status of all the PaceKeepers in action: green, yellow, and red.

You can then decide whether to take action, thus making your staff's job more efficient. The forthcoming versions of the PaceKeeper will provide analytical data of the following:

  • The time played by hole

  • The information to change the hole to improve pace bottleneck problems

  • The time played by round according to time of day with three-hour intervals, and according to the day of week

  • And much more....


What A Director Of Golf Likes About Pacekeeper

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