Helping You Supervise Golf Tournaments Efficiently

Ideal for Regional Association Tournaments

Easy to Take From Course to Course Throughout the Year

PaceKeepers can be programmed for all courses on your seasonal course lineup.
All programming is remotely set via GPS technology so pre-tournament on-site work is not required.

-Simple and Effective

A simple light advising players whether they are on pace
A simple online map telling tournament administrators the status of things on the course
Does not include distance to pin/hazard feature or hole layout image

-Works for Both Cart-Rider and Walkers

Simple clip-on for bags and carts

-Won't Break the Bank

No need to provide to all players or carts.

One for the early pace-setter

One for every 4th group

One for known slow-pokes, etc.

Lease for as little as $25/month
Available for 4 month, 8 month, and 12 month options

-Built-In Analysis

End of Day, end of tourney spreadsheets easy to download

FAQs :

Given that only one PaceKeeper is needed for each foursome and can be staggered between groups or strategically provided for beginners, early pace-setters, or known slow players, we recommend 10-30. Since a PaceKeeper can be easily removed from a cart, it can be used for more than one round per day if charged with a cart USB during play.

Hole to hole information is entered remotely by the PaceKeeper.Golf staff. Nevertheless, through our online dashboard, course managers have the ability to tweak each hole duration times and marker locations on the course. Each day, the pro-shop staff can easily identify each monitor with tee time or group name. (Eventually, messages can be sent out universally or to individual groups. This is for a later version of the PaceKeeper monitors).

The PaceKeeper provides no pin/hazard distance calculations or fancy graphics. We believe that most golfers have these tools on phone apps, watches, personal distance guns. So why pay for redundancy?

The PaceKeeper has the flexibility to accommodate larger courses with multiple options.

For existing customers, use this link to access your administration and staff interface